Hello And Welcome To Blossom Meadow

Pixie Steps is a dance program that is full of Fun, Music, Magic and of course, Dance!


This is the power of The Pixie's and Blossom Meadow. Every little girl wants to be a pixie, and we are helping to make their dreams come true.

Pixie Steps Program is unique, as it provides opportunities for children to believe in themselves and grow confidance . This allows the children to participate in a learning environment which uses music and dance to develop children’s cognitive, emotional and social needs. By associating Pixie's with dancing, the art of dance is transformed into a magical experience that children will adore

This Exciting Programme Includes 

Pixie Dancing programmes catered for children ages 3+


​Song Words
Pixie Wand
Colouring Pages 
Cooking Recipes
Pixie Gifts 
Reward Stickers

The Pixie's Will Be Learning Ballet.
Ballet is so important its the basics of all styles of dance. Teaching the children discipline of the body and mind; also deportment and grace of movement. Whether taking dancing as a career or not, your ballet training will be an asset throughout your life.

The Pixie's Will Also Be Learning Modern Jazz and Pom and Singing to see what they would like to do in the next stage. 
These classes are designed to build confidence, communication and social skills and at this stage in their development children are encouraged to explore their own independent learning in a fun and stimulating environment. These classes are all about having FUN